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January 23, 2022
April 3, 2018

EQ Corrections – March 2018

No errors to regret

Written by Jeff Samsonow

This is a listing of all items we corrected in March 2018. The changes could include details added to a story after it was published, an actual correction, or other alterations we want be transparent about. The changes are also noted on the original stories and posts. (This does not include copy editing, such as typos, or adding a link if it had no effect on the story content or intention.)

Item changed: A Conversation about Street Harassment 

What happened: We added details about reporting harassment more anonymously, and resources available, instead of just calling the police or the City.

Reason: If someone doesn’t feel comfortable reporting street or sexual harassment to the police or local government, we don’t want to imply they have to or that those are the only ways to get the issues on official agendas. There are plenty of local organizations that can help you report or track street harassment (like Hollaback), and there are resources like the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton and campus offices of sexual violence prevention to help guide you however you’d like to proceed if you’ve been harassed or assaulted. 


Item changed: Words on the Street

What happened: We anonymized the name of a source in the story.

Reason: These are, unfortunately, the kinds of stories that can create a lot of negative reaction for people speaking publicly. We have no problem removing the name of a source who is worried about such reaction (and its digital record), particularly through online and social media channels.

If you spot an error or have questions about a detail in any of our content, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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