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February 25, 2018


Here are the writers, photographers, and media-makers that produce everything you see on EQ (in alphabetical order). 

Rhonda Kronyk – Rhonda is a First Nations (Tsay Keh Dene, northern BC) researcher, writer and editor who loves to help people tell their stories. When she’s not working, she can usually be found dreaming about her garden and watching birds and squirrels in her yard.

Stories by Rhonda. 
Off-site: rhondakronyk.ca, Twitter: @rhondakronyk

Samantha Parker – Samantha is a world traveler, who enjoys making her photograph subjects smile. Using photography she tries to capture the natural essence of a moment. 

Photos by Samantha.
Off-site: scparkerphotography.com, Instagram: @sparker360, Twitter: @samparker360

Sally Poulsen – Sally is a front-end developer and Head of Technology here at EQ. She previously founded hyper-local website and TV show “the edmontonian”.

Stories by Sally.

Samantha Power – Samantha Power is an Edmonton-based freelance journalist and writer. She is the feature writer of the political affairs publication The News and has contributed to Avenue Edmonton, The Tyee, and Metro Edmonton.

Stories by Samantha.
Off-site: samanthapower.org, Twitter: @samantha_power

Mel Priestley – Mel is a curiosity-driven freelance journalist with extensive experience writing and editing stories focused on local Edmonton news and events, theatre, food and wine. 

Stories by Mel.
Off-site: melpriestley.ca, Twitter: @melpriestley

Jeff Samsonow

Jeff is publisher and founder of EQ, and has been working as a journalist across Canada for the last two decades. He was a co-founder of hyper-local website and TV show “the edmontonian”. He’s also the person you’re talking to on all of EQ’s social media channels. 

Stories by Jeff. Headlines by Jeff.
Off-site: jeffsamsonow.com, Twitter: @jeffsamsonow

Mimi Williams – Mimi Williams is an Edmonton-based writer and social justice advocate.

Stories by Mimi.



If you’re interested in writing or producing with EQ, we’d love to hear more about your story ideas