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May 26, 2022
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March 1, 2018

EQ Video: A conversation about street harassment

Ways to confront this

Written by Jeff Samsonow

Too many men harass women on Edmonton streets and in public spaces. Here are ideas to stop the catcalls and unwanted touching.

Like every city, Edmonton has a problem with street harassment.



The catcalls and sexual violence aren’t anything new. But even as the “me too” and “time’s up” movements sweep North America, street harassment could be seeing a resurgence in Edmonton’s new entertainment district downtown. 

Acknowledging our city’s problem is helpful. Fixing it will be the real challenge.

As you’ll see in this video, it’s not just a challenge for those being harassed or those currently working in advocacy and support services. It’s going to require everyone who walks our city streets, takes transit and enjoys a night out to start protecting everyone else. And it’s going to require city planners, developers and business owners to consider what types of spaces they’re building and the kind of place it creates.

People in the video:

If you don’t feel comfortable reporting street or sexual harassment to the police, local government or other official organizations, you can connect more anonymously with groups like Hollaback Alberta. You can also reach out to the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton for support and resources.


This video is part of a series co-produced by Edmonton Quotient and The Yards

Published March 6: “Words on the Street“, a feature story examining how revitalization and gentrification can lead to sexual harassment.

Published March 13: “Women in the Core“, a live discussion recorded at The Yards spring salon.

Writing and video production by Jeff Samsonow. Cinematography by Andrea Be├ža.

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This story was updated March 4, 2018: We added details about reporting more anonymously, and resources available, instead of having to call the police or the City. It was updated March 13 with links to other items in the series.

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