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July 3, 2022
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March 13, 2018

Podcast: Women in the Core

A discussion about women's safety in Edmonton's busiest neighbourhoods.

Written by Jeff Samsonow
| Photos by Lee Craig

How can we address street harassment, and ensure that women can safely live, work and play in Edmonton’s core neighbourhoods?

Do women feel safe in Edmonton’s central neighbourhoods?

As we saw in our feature story on the issue of street harassment, some women have left downtown because of the abuse they suffered. Others feel like it’s getting worse with the growing entertainment district attracting large crowds fueled by alcohol.

How can we address street harassment, ensuring that women can safely live and work in, and enjoy, Edmonton’s core neighbourhoods?

This was the question put to the panel at The Yards spring 2018 issue launch and salon. As part of our partnership on the topics of street harassment, we recorded the discussion and you can now listen to it as a podcast.

Women on the panel:


This podcast is part of a series co-produced by Edmonton Quotient and The Yards.

Published March 1: “A conversation about street harassment“, a video discussion about how Edmonton can start to make public spaces safer. Published March 6: “Words on the street“, a feature story examining how revitalization and gentrification can lead to sexual harassment.

Podcast produced by Jeff Samsonow.

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