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January 23, 2022
March 2, 2018

EQ Corrections – February 2018

Transparency update

Written by Jeff Samsonow

This is a listing of all items we corrected in February 2018. The changes could include details added to a story after it was published, an actual correction or other alterations we want be transparent about. The changes are also noted on the original stories and posts. (This does not include copy editing, such as typos, or adding a link if it had no effect on the story content or intention.)

Item changed: Black History Month 2018 

What happened: We added the African Fashion Week event a few days after the post initially went up.

Reason: We totally missed this when putting together the article, even though it’s an annual event. So, if you checked out the post before we included it, we’re sorry if you thought it wasn’t back for another fabulous showcase of talent and design (and business).

If you spot an error or have questions about a detail in any of our content, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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