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May 26, 2022
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March 26, 2019

Podcast: Festival City Faces Change

Written by Jeff Samsonow

Our latest podcast: Festival spaces are always in demand. What is the changing shape of Edmonton going to mean for where we celebrate?

Public events and public spaces



Edmonton is a festival city. Our summers are especially busy with celebrations of community, culture, food and the arts. With major construction projects like LRT expansion forcing some of the biggest and most recognizable festivals to move, at least temporarily, it’s a chance to examine what these events need to keep festival-goers happy and expand. And it’s a chance for Edmonton to see if it’s providing what the festivals, and neighbours, want from use of public space.

At the spring 2019 magazine launch, Oliver Community League vice president Luwam Kiflemariam lead the discussion on what we’re learning about festival spaces in the core during a time of change.

The panel is:

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Podcast produced by Jeff Samsonow.

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