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May 26, 2022
August 21, 2018

EQ goes on hiatus

We're taking an indefinite break

Written by Jeff Samsonow
Edmonton skyline at night

Hi Edmonton,

We just took a brief summer break and, wouldn’t you know it, that has now turned into an indefinite break.

EQ is still mostly a one-person show and, since Im going to be stepping away right now, this essentially means all of EQ is going quiet. Im not sure when Ill come back to it, or if it would look the same, so calling this a hiatus seems like a good fit.

We all know how terrible and strained the media business is these days but, while EQ was yet to be a profitable venture, Im sliding a number of things off my plate for more personal and health-related reasons. Its for these same reasons I am not closing the doors completely on EQ just yet. But enough about that, youre not here for my boring life story!

I cannot begin to properly convey how much I appreciate you reading and sharing stories and items weve produced in the last couple of years. It means the world to me personally, but it also means something more to see people embracing local journalism, and journalism that doesnt always look and feel the same as everything else. I hope youll keep supporting this kind of journalism. It feels so important right now.

And please support the writers, producers and creators telling stories that need to be told and those holding people in power accountable (here are most of ours). Journalists get a lot of trash flung at them on social media and it can be reassuring to hear when theyve done something that helps, something that people like and appreciate. On the flip side, keep demanding more of those in media (and government) you dont think are doing a good enough job to challenge status quo and lift people up.

See you around the city,


In the absence of our posts and newsletters, here are some of the places I would recommend you keep your eyes in Edmonton:

The Yards – for great feature stories and a detailed look at the downtown and Oliver neighbourhoods

Taproot Edmonton – theyve launched a series of curated emails on local topics and continue to build journalism capacity

Rat Creek Press – one of Edmontons longest-running hyper-local sources

CBC Edmonton – particularly Natasha Riebe at city hall, Andrea Huncar on social justice and the investigative team (also follow CBC Indigenous)

Elise Stolte – probably Edmontons most active city hall reporter, a must-follow on Twitter and on Facebook

Tim Querengesser – editor of The Yards, journalist and a voice of reason on all things urban planning

Bashir Mohamed – stop what youre doing right now and go follow Bashir! Hes sharing Edmonton and Alberta Black history in very accessible ways

CJSR – the community radio station powered by listeners, with a whole slate of great news and interview programming from and with diverse Edmonton voices

The Broadcast – a podcast with female-centred views on politics and government, which remain sorely lacking in traditional media

Media Indigena – which always has plenty of Treaty 6 topics and voices

Alberta Views – for all things outside of the Metro Region (and sometimes inside it too)

Eighteen Bridges – for fantastic longform and feature journalism

Alberta Podcast Network – there are plenty of local podcasts to listen to and some great ones to support

Progress Alberta – not news exactly, but sign up for their newsletter for a good dose of whats going on provincially and how to help build a better province (if you like EQ youll probably like PA)

That list is in no particular order and likely definitely leaves out something or someone. But its a fairly solid place to start, especially as we head into city budget talks in the fall and an incredibly important provincial election next year.

A couple of spots outside of Edmonton: support The Sprawl in Calgary, The Tyee in B.C. (and Alberta and nationally) and Canadaland (nationally) for more investigative, adversarial, and local journalism.