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May 26, 2022
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July 6, 2018

Podcast: The ways we move

Core commotion

Written by Jeff Samsonow

Our latest podcast: Changing the ways we move around Edmonton have an effect on everyone, and each choice could mean something changes for other people.

The traditional ways Edmontonians have moved around are being challenged like never before — residents and visitors are using new ways of moving around the city every day.


These mobility choices have real implications for the options available to everyone. Multiple lanes of traffic may not leave much room for active transportation like walking and biking. Transit right-of-ways for LRT or bus-rapid-transit will reduce the number of vehicle lanes. How do bike lanes fit in? Are we thinking about accessibility for people with disabilities?

Every transportation choice we make means something to someone else. And some of these choices will have an effect for years or decades.

Recorded live at The Yards summer salon, this panel discussion explores how the transportation options available and the choices we make have wider impacts on our communities.

On the panel:

Podcast produced by Jeff Samsonow.

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