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January 28, 2022
December 18, 2017

Content Sponsorship on Edmonton Quotient

How sponsored content works here

Written by Jeff Samsonow


Edmonton Quotient produces a variety of content, from regular looks at what’s in Edmonton news, to original stories and feature journalism. Some of this content may be produced with funding and resources from external organizations when we think there’s a mutual interest in topics and issues that we think are of interest to you, our local audience.

Edmonton Quotient retains editorial control on all content. We won’t publish something we haven’t reviewed or fact-checked in the same way we do with everything we produce and publish.

We will always be as clear as possible about content that has funding. You will see one of two labels related to these options. 

1) Presented in partnership with/Supported by

If you see a story or content that is “presented in partnership with” or “supported by” an external organization this means that the client has provided funding to allow Edmonton Quotient to produce editorially independent content and journalism. The client may offer suggestions of topics or issues to cover, but all editorial control remains with Edmonton Quotient. Everything is produced by EQ staff or freelancers (approved and contracted by EQ) and the partner doesn’t have any control or involvement in the final product. This kind of content sponsorship may also include an ongoing series or specific projects. 

Example: Progress Alberta provided funding which allowed EQ to produce a story on police carding

2) Sponsored content

“Sponsored content” is used to describe content that is paid for by a client to run on Edmonton Quotient. While the content is produced by an external organization for the purposes of promotion (and advertising), Edmonton Quotient retains a right to be involved in editing, and will only publish content that is mutually agreed to be of interest to the EQ audience. 

If you have any questions about our content sponsorship policy, or any of our content, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us