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January 18, 2022
August 9, 2017

Investing in Independents

Paying for journalism

Written by Jeff Samsonow


While media subscriptions have been around for a long time, we can now fund journalism, criticism, and publishing in a more direct way. Your money is often more transparently spent at small and local outlets too, with the people receiving your cash producing the stories you read, listen and watch. So, here are a few Edmonton-focused media organizations where your money creates local stories and conversations.

Audience support

Taproot Edmonton

Taproot Edmonton produces longform journalism on a monthly basis (though they are starting to publish more frequently). Membership fees go to the people writing and working on the stories. You also get access to a discussion board to talk about news ideas.

$10/month |$100/year


Edmonton’s campus and community radio station, CJSR, is as indie as they come. Run by volunteers, your money helps keep the station on air and playing the best stuff you won’t hear on commercial radio (including independent journalism and lots and lots of local music). They also have Edmonton’s only bike traffic report on Thursday mornings!

Charitable tax receipt | swag starts at $30


CKUA is Alberta’s own radio network that celebrates (our) music, engages communities and reaches all corners of the province. CKUA is celebrating 90 years of broadcasting in 2017! Be sure to get yourself over to the station in that great new/old Alberta Hotel building on Jasper Avenue.


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Tax deductible donations


This one is brand new. Journalist Tim Querengesser is taking his urbanist experience to the streets, examining Edmonton planning and neighbourhood issues and the ideas of livability and walkability. While Tim’s not taking your money, he is using it to pay others to help produce the podcast.

Starts at $5/episode


Eighteen Bridges

Edmonton’s home of narrative journalism. With depth, poise and emotion Eighteen Bridges tells stories of our city and the people who live here in ways that will inform, entertain and truly capture you.


Alberta Views
While it’s actually published out of Calgary, Alberta Views is our province’s best magazine taking an in-depth look at the big picture of Alberta. You’ll often find plenty of Edmonton-related content in each issue. And if you like our Headlines, you’ll enjoy their monthly “Eye on Alberta” section.


Time for some self-promotion

Yes, you can also support our work here at Edmonton Quotient. We will take your money! Since our content is free, our supporters get perks in return and we’re always working on finding more free stuff for the good people that give us money. We also accept support from other Edmonton businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations in the form of advertising and marketing campaigns (drop us a line to talk about that).

We know this isn’t everyone making media in Edmonton. We should totally do up a full list of all of Edmonton’s independent media, but today we’re only talking about the newsy ones who offer support and subscribe options. If we missed someone, let us know.

This post was updated Friday, November 3, 2017

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