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May 26, 2022
July 31, 2017

Edmonton Headlines: Monday, July 31, 2017

30 years later

Written by Jeff Samsonow


We have hit those lazy, dog-dangling days of summer in Edmonton. City council meetings are on break, reporters are taking vacation and stories are in short supply.

One thing we can expect today, from every Edmonton newsroom, will be stories looking back on the Black Friday tornado, which was one of Canada’s most destructive and deadly natural disasters. It cut a path of havoc through east Edmonton and Sherwood Park 30 years ago today.

In medical news… Edmonton’s about to get its first Filipino-run (and targeted) medical centre, which could be good news for anyone in the city not yet covered by our provincial health plan. Over in Fort Saskatchewan, their hospital is getting a whole lotta midwives as demand for those services grows (across Alberta).

As Edmonton continues to move toward a city that’s not completely dependent, and built for, personal vehicles, it’s always a good time to remember we’re all just trying to get somewhere. To work. Home. To a coffee with friends. Let’s work together to get there instead of fighting about a few inches of road.

Beer prices may shift as the Alberta government considers what to do about taxes on craft beer after a ruling on its legality under Canadian trade laws.

The city council in Fort Saskatchewan has had its troubles, and it seems the mayor of St. Albert is now involved in a court case related to his time on that city’s council. The case also involves the father of a councillor now running for mayor and has a former local MP on the file.

Just like Edmonton’s new public fruit map, St. Albert’s got its own fruit tracker. We are surrounded by delicious pie ingredients.

That’s it for today! If you need a little more Edmonton news, check out what happened last week, including a contradiction on our very new plans to end homelessness.

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