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July 3, 2022
June 13, 2017

EQ’s summer story pitch request

We need a good story or two

Written by Jeff Samsonow

Edmonton Quotient is looking for a feature story or two to produce this summer. If you’re an Edmonton writer, producer or journalist, we’d like to hear from you.

Stories should:

If you’ve got ideas for a series, a podcast, an event or anything else please also get in touch and start that conversation with us. Don’t let the word “story” hold you back from pitching us ideas.


Please know that preference will be given to stories and pitches from writers and journalists who are Indigenous, people of colour, LGBQT2S, persons with disabilities and women. One of our goals at Edmonton Quotient is to include voices that aren’t always found in our city’s regular news and media coverage and, whenever we scrape together a few dollars to pay for some journalism, we’d like to make sure it goes beyond the able-bodied, white, male perspective.

If you’re a white guy, please still feel free to send in your pitches. But, since I’m also a white guy and I have written just about everything published to the website so far, you can see we’re in need of a little balance.

You can send your story pitch through our contact page, or reach us at pitches-at-edmontonquotient.com. I’ll do my best to respond to all pitches, even if we can’t pay you to create them right now.

– Jeff Samsonow, publisher

p.s. If you’re a freelancer or journalist without a specific pitch idea, still feel free to email to say hi and get on our radar.

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