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May 26, 2022
May 5, 2017

Edmonton Headlines: Friday, May 5, 2017

Who's building your house?

Written by Jeff Samsonow

Municipal Affairs minister Shaye Anderson (right) takes a tour of a home under construction. Photo: Alberta Government

It seems like the kind of thing we’d already have, but Alberta is going to start licensing home builders and making sure you know if they’re on the up-and-up if you hire them to build your house. And that’s not just for their companies, the new system will link to the people being licensed, so a shady builder can’t just set up new numbered company without a hint of what happened at the last places they built.

We had talked about how there are still hurdles to Edmonton getting safe injection sites. Well, aside from the federal health exemptions, members of Edmonton’s Chinatown communities are going to protest the sites chosen by our city council.

This one is definitely in need of some new rules. When big residential buildings get built in Edmonton the developer is being asked to provide some good back to the neighbourhood it will call home. The thing is, this varies so widely, from public art to affordable housing, it’s going to mean each project is different and the public good to communities won’t always be the same. To say nothing of the abdication of a lot of public good to forgo more affordable housing in lieu of just about any other amenity.

Edmonton isn’t the only place in the capital region redeveloping its downtown. The thing that caught my eye in that story about Spruce Grove’s planned revitalization is the safety improvements that will benefit everyone in the downtown, including curb extensions on Main Street.

There’s a bit of pushback against St. Albert borrowing money to build a new library. I really don’t like this new trend of hating on libraries.

Metro Edmonton’s Dani Paradis said it much better than I did yesterday on the optics of closing women’s washrooms at Rogers Place.

Events and activities

It is going to be a huge summer for events in Treaty 6. Edmonton will be part of the largest National Aboriginal Day celebrations yet. Northlands is expanding the pow-wow at K-Days  (and adding a Pride Day). And we’re also hosting the World Indigenous Games.

It’s going to be the first real weekend of patios in Edmonton. Check the new app for the one closest to you at any given moment.

Speaking of getting out this weekend, Vue Weekly’s Golden Fork Awards have been announced, so maybe you’ll find a new spot to check out. Or just congratulate the folks at your local mainstay.

After the weekend, Edmonton’s sports fields open, so get out there and play.

Public engagement

On Saturday, the City continues its information sessions on a new public engagement strategy, 1 – 4 p.m., at the Clareview Community Recreation Centre.

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