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August 8, 2022
March 27, 2017

Edmonton Headlines: Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Leduc gets marijuana and gambling

Written by Jeff Samsonow


Legalized marijuana is coming to Canada. The federal government is set to announce how that’s going to roll out, the week of April 10. Although, that’s a week or so early, if you think about it.

This is going to mean big business for a production facility near the Edmonton International Airport. Currently only producing marijuana for medicinal purposes, the site’s going to expand to be the world’s largest grow-op and cash in on the legal trade in 2018.

Also out by the airport, we’re getting a new horse racing track (and slot machines and off-track betting).

Basically, the airport is becoming one giant den of sin!

Less fun than all of that, the racetrack probably means a new interchange in Leduc County.

Around the city

The City is going to look at what could be done with the High Level Bridge to expand the options for people walking, biking and taking the LRT. Not sure where this might leave the streetcar though… And if the City does consider building a “High Line” path or park across the top of the bridge, let’s hope we can learn from the mistakes of that particular en vogue design element in New York City.

Neighbours in Oliver are asking to reduce the speed limit in their community to 40 km/h. Reducing vehicle speeds by that much would save lives, not to mention prevent countless injuries of people driving, walking and biking. There’s a petition the community league is currently accepting signatures on.

Oliver won’t be the only neighbourhood making this kind of ask, as more studies prove that lower speed limits save lives. Especially when we consider our roads aren’t designed to account for all the human error that could lead to crashes. The City is also considering expanding lower limits to portions of neighbourhoods beyond school zones.


Teachers who want to better integrate refugee students can rely on a series of webinars produced at the University of Alberta. The goal is to help teachers make their classrooms more inclusive and ensure students coming to Canada aren’t being left behind due to stigma or missed opportunities.

Also at the U of A, a panel looked at what could be done to help people fleeing Trump’s America.

Quick question

Edmonton newsrooms: Do you ever get bored of doing “a person is angry about their photo radar ticket” stories? Just curious.

Good idea

Some Edmonton nursing students have come up with a practical and empathetic package for people visiting the Royal Alexandra Hospital who have no home to return to after discharged from care.