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August 8, 2022
March 24, 2017

Edmonton Headlines: Friday, March 24, 2017

Not feeling welcome downtown

Written by Jeff Samsonow


It’s probably fair to say some of the worst scenarios imagined regarding Edmonton’s homeless and marginalized population haven’t come to pass with the new downtown arena. That being said, it does sound like a bit of a stretch to hear the head of Rogers Place security say there have not been any bad experiences. Especially when that’s exactly what other people are saying is occurring.

Displacement is a part of what’s going on in the downtown arena district as it expands. Whether the “pushing out” is happening physically or through gentrification and increased police and security presence, it’s obvious there are some people who don’t feel welcome in Edmonton’s revitalized downtown.

More budget stories

We’re not done talking budget and budget just yet. This will keep happening over the next week or two, as more details from the provincial and federal budgets get rolled out, or are announced by the respective governments.

Edmonton city councillors will be among those politicians to lose a tax-free portion of their salary. It won’t happen right away. And it could mean salaries go up to offset the loss of take-home pay.

Just because the budgets are tabled and the funding is set for the year, doesn’t mean the lobbying will end. A movie shooting in Edmonton is giving rise to calls for more funding and/or tax credits for film and video production.

Good journalism

What’s the platform of Jason Kenney’s united right? That’s the question journalists need to ask, to help all Albertans explore the policies of provincial parties to see which fit their values the best. If all the coverage gets bogged down in personality politics, or, in our case, “NDP bad” responses, it’s not helpful to the political conversation.

Also, “it’s too loud” is not a great policy, BTW.


The Edmonton Journal’s Paula Simons has a new story this week, with eye-opening and heartbreaking photos, on a case she was recently award-nominated for uncovering.

It’s a reminder of the kind of important work journalists can do when working outside of the daily news release and event-driven story cycle. It’s also a reminder that while such important stories can bring about systemic changes for the better, not everyone feels like justice is done.

Around the city

An Edmonton school and one just west of the city are being directed, challenged really, to allow gay-straight alliances (GSAs) if their students want them. Somehow, the private schools claim to have never had a gay student. Which might give you an idea of why the provincial government has to force them to not discriminate.

As the federal government considers the idea of legalizing marijuana, a group at the University of Alberta is out with a request to use all the taxes collected for addiction and mental health treatment.

When police shot their second suspect in a week, a city bus was in the line of fire. The driver is being credited with helping keep the passengers safe as bullets flew.