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January 23, 2022
February 28, 2017

One-Stop City Shop

Everything in one place.

Written by Jeff Samsonow


This is the first week that all of the City of Edmonton’s services, previously available at various buildings downtown, are in one location in the arena district – the new Edmonton Service Centre – in “Edmonton Tower”.

So, don’t go to where you used to go for permits, taxes and to pay fines, because you’ll have to make your way over to the Edmonton Tower.

You are promised convenience and “superior” customer service in the new location. There’s even a “comfortable waiting area“. You’re probably going to want to get permits and tax forms all the time!

This is part of the City’s plan to move more than 2,000 employees into Edmonton Tower. Which is good news for convenience but also contributing to big increases in office vacancy downtown.

It’s the perfect time to rent yourself an entire office floor at great rates.

All jokes aside, if you need city permits, passes, licences or to make payments head to the new Edmonton Service Centre.

(You can do a few things online, so check the City’s eServices to save time on paperwork or payments if possible.)