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January 21, 2022
February 8, 2017

Learn to run for office

2017 Municipal Campaign School

Written by Jeff Samsonow

If you’re a woman who’s thought about running for Edmonton city council or a school board, there’s an opportunity this weekend to pick up a few tips, skills and ideas.

Campaign School for Women is part of Equal Voice’s push to get more women running for office across Canada, which means we can get more elected. Locally, YEG Parity is organizing and activating people and events around the municipal efforts.

The event Saturday promises to give women just about everything they’ll need to know for an election run, not to mention building some key connections and contacts with other attendees. There will be lots of expert advice through the day, including campaign financing with former Edmonton councillor Kim Krushell and communications strategy with the mayor’s campaign manager. Other topics include working with campaign volunteers, identifying your campaign goals and preparing for a crisis (let’s hope you won’t need that one).

Right now, Edmonton city council has one woman. That’s not good enough.

Share this event, and YEG Parity’s website, with all of the smart women in your life. Our municipal elections are in October, so the more people that can gain support to run before the fall, the better chance we have at electing a council (and school boards) that aren’t all men.

Tickets are free, but require a $20 deposit which will be refunded to attendees of Saturday’s workshop.