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July 3, 2022
November 15, 2017

New Logos for Edmonton’s Football Team

This is easy

Written by Jeff Samsonow

Edmonton’s football team name has to change. If Edmonton is truly a city of reconciliation and we’re no longer ignoring our Indigenous neighbours, we have to listen to the calls to make the change

But, we get it, this isn’t an overnight re-branding. Football names are hard, you need a good logo, the image has to connect with sports fans and people who have long supported your team. 

That’s why we’re offering up some free branding advice to our CFL team. We’re here to help!

If you have your own ideas, please share them with us (email us, or reach us on Twitter and Facebook) and we’ll include them here with a link to you. If you have an idea but aren’t creatively inclined, just let us know and we’ll see about getting a local artist to do up a first draft of your team brand. 

Edmonton Elk

You’ve probably seen this one on Twitter. Elk can look intimidating and are team players. 9/10 for football dominance.

Edmonton Empire

Well, it’s almost like we don’t even need to do much work! No logo change. Already popular branding with the #oneempire hashtag. 10/10 for ease of use.

Edmonton North

Edmonton is one of the world’s northernmost metropolitan cities. We embrace the cold. We can hijack the #wethenorth and #winteriscoming hashtags. 8/10 for being so well-rounded.

Edmonton Goldrushers

This one comes from David Dawkins on Twitter. It’s a perfect football name and it allows Edmonton to re-capture Klondike Days glory. 7/10 for versatile nostalgia. 

Edmonton Quotients

The Quotients will play at EQ Stadium at Edmonton Quotient Park. Or something named for Rogers. 2/10 for terrible Photoshop.

What’s Your Name?

Here are some submitted ideas for new team names and logos. 

Edmonton Magpies

Picture 3 of 10

Art by Sally Poulsen. Idea is so obvious because these birds are everywhere! 8/10 for local references.

Tell us your favourite option for a new football team name and we’ll try to get an Edmonton artist to mock it up. (Let us know if you could work on one. Especially if you’re an Indigenous artist.)

Make Your Own

If you’re skilled in the ways of Adobe, you can make your own logo for the team. Check out free vectors like the ones below to download and slap a logo on (free, if you attribute where you got them). We’ll share your logo and team identity here too!Vector Illustration by www.vecteezy.com

Football helmets by Vecteezy. Magpie from Pixaby.

This post will be updated as new logos come in. Last updated Thursday, November 23, 2017

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