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May 26, 2022
April 26, 2017

Edmonton Headlines: Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Don't park there

Written by Jeff Samsonow

You’re all getting towed.

The hits keep on coming for the City’s paid parking during the Oilers’ playoff run. And blaming the lack of playoff games over the last decade is a poor excuse for ticketing and towing people who don’t know they’ll be ticketed and towed (especially if you’ll take their money first). I know it sounds weird to say, but not everyone is an Oilers fan, so parking rules that are quickly changing right now have to be clear and signage informative. And, those parking machines can’t take people’s money if they can’t park.

And for those taking transit to the Oilers’ playoff games, you likely won’t be on the Metro Line. At least, the City hopes you’re not taking that endlessly-mocked LRT line.

Now, just to prove we aren’t trying to rain all over the playoff parade, here’s a nice story about the Oilers in the postseason.

Around the city

As the City takes the year to examine potential new rules for pawn shops, and the clustering of multiple stores in one neighbourhood, a few business districts with more than their share of the shops are talking about why new rules are needed.

Edmonton’s taxes are set for the year. It’s just up a few percent from last year, so not really a big change for most people who own residential or commercial property. (But check your tax bills, because some people might see a larger swing up or down.) And apartment building taxes went down, so you know landlords will be passing on those savings to renters…

In ongoing efforts to get Edmonton and our municipal neighbours to work together, there’s a new board being considered for regional co-operation, sort of an Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) for the wider region.

This sounds like a good idea. Norquest College is building a social innovation lab at its downtown campus.

There’s lots of light and windows at the new Royal Alberta Museum. But the thing that stuck out to me in this story was that the museum is sort of refusing to give back a First Nations artifact.

At the Legislature

Our province’s child services system isn’t operating in the best way possible for kids in care, particularly for Indigenous children who make up far too large a portion of the system. There are changes coming, but let’s hope this actually gets beyond task forces and investigations and long lists of recommendations that sit on a shelf.

Here’s a court case to watch, as oil and gas companies could leave everyone else on the hook for expensive cleanups when the company goes under. It’s going to be important, because Alberta’s got a lot of energy sites to clean up but when companies fold they’ve got lots of people to pay too, and it’s going to be key to determine whether or not the environmental duty is more or less important than creditors.

If you’re out shopping this weekend, there are more green rebates available for items you might be purchasing for your home.

One year after the fire

We’re coming up to the one-year anniversary of the massive wildfire that forced the evacuation of Fort McMurray, so this is beginning to. dominate. all. of. Edmonton’s. news.

One direct Edmonton connection, is our hub of wildfire prevention.

Public engagement

City council continues their meeting today, which starts at 9:30 a.m. You can see the agenda(s) online and the meeting will stream live. (The big item is the continuation of the debate about zoning at the top of the river valley for an 80-storey tower in The Quarters, east of the downtown.)

You can also check out the City’s plans to annex parts of Leduc County (close to the airport) at another open house tonight, 5-8 p.m at the Nisku Inn.

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